Coffee Stamina LT


Stamina LT coffee  is a Brand  for herbal products owned by PT point Makmur. At this point Stamina has a superior product Coffee LT which is a man and specialized products are used to increase stamina and spirit of man.

LT coffee produced directly by PT Mahkotadewa Indonesia, an herbal company in Indonesia that have achieved certification Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (Food Safety Standards).Thus, safety and product quality is guaranteed.

Not Just Coffee ,It Healthy Coffee and sexual Stamina effect..... call 0166003009

COFFEE LT is a specialty coffee products without chemicals, drugs and is made ​​from a blend of coffee and herbal quality.

    Herbs in LT COFFEE are:

  • Pimpinella Alpina / Purwoceng (traditionally used to increase the amount of testosterone and spermatozoid)
  • Ginseng (traditionally used to maintain health and increase endurance)
  • Eurycoma Longifolia / Earth Stake (traditionally used to increase arousal and facilitate the circulation of the blood)

   Permission Coffee LT: P-IRT 610317541003

   Below are the herbal information detail..

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Studies have found that ginseng, particularly Asian ginseng, may help boost the immune system, especially when taken with a vaccine, or by older people recovering from an illness.

Several human studies have also shown that ginseng may lower blood sugar levels, which could benefit people with type 2 diabetes. Of course, people with diabetes should only take ginseng under the care of a doctor. 


Increases stamina and endurance, is believed to increase the libido

Purwoceng (Pimpinella alpina Kds) is a medicinal plant. Purwoceng whole plant can be used as a traditional medicine, especially the roots. Its roots have diuretic properties and is used as aprosidiak  the efficacy of a drug that may enhance or increase stamina. In general, plants or plant is efficacious as aprosidiak containing compounds derived saponins, alkaloids, tannins and other compounds are efficacious as reinforcing the body and improve blood circulation.

Eurycoma longifolia For Your Stamina

As an herb, Pegs Earth (Tongkat Ali / Eurycoma longifolia) used as a medicinal plant a single and also a major component in a variety of herbal medicines to treat a variety of diseases such as malaria, cure cancer, improve sexual function in men, helping to raise the muscle and is known worldwide as a powerful aphrodisiac.